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Skoodhya is a Cornwall-based charity established to provide emotional support and practical help to people affected by the actions of others. We seek to reduce the harm caused to individuals and communities and to improve the safety of the individuals and communities that we serve.

Skoodhya’s Vision is for a society where individuals and communities co-exist in safety and free from emotional and physical harm

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce the harm caused to, and improve the safety of, the individuals and communities that we serve by providing the best possible services to:

  • Support victims of harmful behaviours, such as sexual violence or domestic abuse, including the families and friends of such persons and others affected who are in need;
  • Raise awareness of the impacts such harmful behaviours have on individuals and society as a whole; and
  • Improve knowledge to help reduce the likelihood of such harmful behaviours.

Our Values

In working to achieve our Vision, Skoodhya will:

  • promote inclusion and oppose discrimination;
  • promote justice and oppose injustice;
  • act with integrity;
  • value all equally and be non-judgemental in the support that we offer;
  • support and enable individuals and communities to speak for themselves and act as advocate for those who can’t.
  • Skoodhya is innovative and entrepreneurial; an intelligent and responsive organisation working in partnership and engaging with local stakeholders to meet the needs of victims and survivors, their families and communities.

Skoodhya understands its environmental responsibilities and actively promotes a sustainable approach to its activities. We also understand our responsibility to be accountable and to meet our legal obligations.


Registered Charity – 1148776

Company limited by guarantee – 08066567

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