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About the Willow Centre

Who are we?

The Willow Centre is a specialist, safe and discrete centre in Truro for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

If you have been assaulted within the last 10 days then we can explain your options regarding police involvement and the opportunity for a Forensic medical examination, when specially trained doctors will make a careful search for evidence. We will explain all procedures to you and help you to make an informed choice about your care.

We are here to help you to recover physically and emotionally from your ordeal. Our staff are experts in advising, supporting and treating those who have experienced sexual violence.

At The Willow Centre we help men and women, regardless of sexual orientation from the age of 13 upwards with our forensic service, crisis support and our Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) Service.

We acknowledge all forms of sexual violence including; rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic sexual violence, childhood or historic abuse, trafficking, sexual exploitation, female genital mutilation and ritual abuse. Sexual assaults can be reported to us regardless of when it happened or if the perpetrators are known or unknown to you.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone at any age.

You can expect to be believed and be treated with dignity and respect.


We understand how scared and confused you might be.  You do not have to cope with this alone. We are here to offer you, and your support network, support and information within a confidential setting.


About You

Sexual violence knows no boundaries and is not discriminative of age, race, gender, sexual preference or social status.
Often survivors of sexual assault and rape fail to identify these as acts of violence. Failing to name them as violence often prevents survivors from seeking the help they need to overcome the trauma.


People often think that sexual assaults are only committed by strangers, but this is not true. In fact only 9% of recorded rapes are committed by strangers. Sexual assaults can happen within many circumstances, including the work place, family, relationships, education, peer groups and social settings. Whatever your relationship to the perpetrator,
if any, if an assault has occurred you can trust that, at the Willow Centre, we will help you make the decisions and contacts to try to keep you safe following report.


It is a common myth that only women can be raped or sexually assaulted.  This is not true. Men can just as easily become victims of sexual assault and we have created our facilities to allow us to work specifically to your needs as a male victim.

Under 18’s

The law, when it comes to rape and sexual assault, can be very complicated for children and young people.

Child sexual abuse is any form of sexual activity with a child by an adult, or by another child where there is no consent or consent is not possible; or by another child who has power over the child. By this definition, it is possible for a child to be sexually abused by another child who is older or younger than the victim.

If you feel or know that you have been forced into a sexual activity by someone, but are unsure about what to do, you can speak to us at the SARC or speak to an adult that you trust; perhaps a teacher, doctor, GUM practitioner, parent of a friend or family member.

Domestic Assault

Domestic violence can be the use of threatening behaviour physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually and financially. Sexual violence includes a range of different behaviours, many of which – such as sexual assault or rape – are crimes.

Sexual abuse is often a component of domestic violence – it allows for your (ex)partner to control you further and abuse you physically, as well as emotionally. The use of degrading or embarrassing acts is a way in which your (ex)partner is further controlling you. It is also away of further endangering your health and well being. Rape and sexual assault are crimes, whether or not they take place within marriage or between partners or ex-partners.

No one has the right to engage in sexual activity with you without your permission. If you are, or even used to be in a relationship with someone, they do not have the right to have sexual relations with you. No one has a right to a sexual relationship with you if you do not want to engage with them.

Elderly or Vulnerable adults

Often adults who fall into the category of elderly or vulnerable find themselves isolated from people outside their care unit to share their anxieties with. If you feel that you are
being abused or are concerned that someone you know may be being abused then call us for advice on what to do next.

Parents of a victim of sexual assault

Disclosure of an abuse that’s happened to your child can be incredibly distressing for any parent. The ISVA service we provide at the SARC may be able to support you as a parent of someone who has been abused, during the legal and court processes. We understand that there is an array of feelings and confusion during these often lengthy and painful times and offer the parent exclusive support, independent to the support of the child. If you feel that you would benefit from this service then do contact us at the SARC to discuss your options further.

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